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After a few weeks of design and testing, we have finished the ritual Tiberius wanted in order to achieve what he and the others have dubbed "The Omega state". I'll cover the ritual side of the process, and allow the others to go over the details of it's functions. For this ritual to function, it needs a sealed space in order to fill with reagent like a gas cloud. This reagent is then absorbed by the armour as the ritual merges the souls of the activator and the demon inside the activators bound armour. The problem is containing and controlling this gaseous reagent, as it likes to leak out of the chamber and the ritual can have difficulty "Pushing" the reagent into the armour. To address this, we created Glyphs. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, I should cover how the ritual determines what is a "Sealed" chamber as it has safe guards to prevent reagent loss. The reagent gas is let lose above the master ritual stone, so the ritual starts checking there. It then starts expanding from there, searching for ways out in every direction, and if it can't get five blocks away from the master ritual stone(This isn't random, beyond five blocks away in any direction and the ritual has difficulty moving all the reagent. Think of it like compressing a gas, it always tries to move down the path of least resistance. To compress it, you need prevent it from being able to escape.) I have also noticed that the reagent, after being released into the chamber, collects on the walls of the chamber instead of staying in the air like tiny low hanging fog. The more surface area, the thinner the fog becomes and the more stable it is, and more stable fog means better value the ritual gets on the conversion process between reagent in the jars and the reagent in the armour, so the more time you have in the Omega state. No matter how you cut it, this chamber is meant to contain reagent for long stretches of time. The more stable the reagent fog is, the more time the ritual has to work and the less reagent wasted. Now then, I mentioned Glyphs earlier. After seeing the chamber in action, Tiberius created a few blocks called "Glyphs" to optimise and add to the champers use. First, the Glyph of Rigid stability was created to further stabilise the reagent fog, being worth roughly double the amount per square meter of space then a normal block.  But that's not all he made with the Glyphs, as he discovered an interesting way to bolster the power of the demon using two new Glyphs for a system that resulted in something like enchanting. He mentioned two values, and had created Glyphs for each of them. First was "Enchantability", and it's is buffed by Glyph of the Adept Enchanter. The second value was "Arcane power" with Glyph of Arcane Potential, and functioned like the levels used in normal enchanting. To put how the two values work in layman's terms, Arcane power effects what enchantments are possible to receive, while Enchantability effects the odds of getting a good result. Since this process doesn't use normal enchanting(As the demons in our bound armour react negatively to such methods normally. This process circumvents this limitation by being more demonic in nature and this more... Tolerable to the demons.), it doesn't follow all the normal enchanting rules. For example, after much testing we were able to achieve the equivalent of protection six, fire protection four, and blast protection seven on a single piece of armour so some independent enchants can coexist. And normal power restriction also don't hold ground here, as seen by getting blast protection seven... More testing must be done, but you can see how this has potential.  However, I should mention that a chamber can't be entirely enchantment blocks, as the Reagent reacts negatively to the magic used in them. While the reagent must touch the blocks to activate them, any fog that forms on them will destabilise severely causing less time in Omega. I have put in a safety to make sure it can not trigger the process if the stability is below zero, as that would be closer to a bomb then a fog at that point. I believe all the information you need to know before starting has been covered, so we will cover the actual ritual activation. The ritual is a flat platform with four holes, and in these holes you place the belljars of reagent to be used. This ritual doesn't use reagent in the normal fashion, so you don't need to route them into the master ritual stone like normal. With your awakened crystal, activate the ritual with your awakened crystal like normal. After the fifteen million LP fee is paid, it will look for belljars in the four holes for the thirty two thousand reagent cost. Once both are ready, it will check for the activator wearing bound armour and if present it will kick start the process. Within seconds, the transformation happens and you will enter the Omega state.









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